Number of Fatal Commercial Truck Accidents Increasing Rapidly Nationwide

The number of fatal car accidents involving commercial vehicles has rapidly increased over the past two years, according to information recently released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This statement was made recently at the annual FMCSA session at Transportation Research Board in Washington. The number of individuals killed in accidents involving commercial [Read More]

How to Avoid an Auto Accident with a Semi-Truck

[iframe id=""] How to Avoid an Auto Accident with a Semi-Truck Semi-truck accidents result in some of the worst personal injury cases attorneys handle and can even result in a wrongful death case. While nothing is completely unavoidable, there are certain safety precautions drivers can take to help avoid an auto accident with a semi-truck. [Read More]

Most Common Causes of Commercial Vehicle Crashes in Florida

Commercial vehicles log thousands of miles and hundreds of routes on Florida’s interstates and highways alone. These vehicles move a substantial amount of goods and provide necessary provisions to Florida businesses and industries. As well, Florida’s connection to shipping ports and large airports make it a hot spot for international import and export. For the [Read More]

A Simple Miami Car Accident Case Gets Complicated

Charles Terek’s 2004 car accident case in Miami has taken one of the strangest legal journeys I have seen in more than 20 years of practicing law in Florida. From the record, it is unclear how the accident happened, though most likely he was rear-ended by the vehicle driven by Paul Pugliese, and that collision [Read More]

Accidents Caused by Police

As a Miami accident attorney, Uninsured Motorist Insurance is without question the most important insurance drivers can buy in Florida to protect them and their families in the event they are involved in a traffic accident. UM is designed and sold to pay people who have been involved in traffic accidents either in cars, trucks, [Read More]
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