The Chinese Dry Wall passed on the Louisiana Senate floor without amendment by a vote
of 38-0 yesterday afternoon. This is the same Bill that passed last week out of committee. The bill would prohibit insurers from canceling homeowners because of CDW, raising rates due to CDW, and requires insurers to reinstate coverage if canceled because of CDW.

This is great consumer protection legislation for CDW homeowners. The bill will now go to a House Committee next week or the following week. While a bill with this type of momentum would be expected to be met favorably on the House side, the House is much more friendly to the insurance lobby and a fight is to be expected. However, if successful, this might be a template for legislation in other States.

This success would not have been possible, but for the hard work of Burton LeBlanc, LTLA and La State Sen. Julie Quinn, who has become a leader in helping CDW victims in La.


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