Bradenton, Florida has been ground zero for many of our clients who have either owned or rent homes made with contaminated drywall. Medallion is a Bradenton based builder that has been frustrating homeowners over their inability to fix the problem. Now they are threatening bankruptcy.

According to their lawyer, they do not have the financial means to fix all of the tainted houses.

Miami’s Lennar has been gutting some affected homes down to the studs, replacing all drywall and components to the tune of $100,000 or more per house. Some of our clients who own Lennar homes are now complaining that the sulfur smell has returned, even after Lennar’s remediation attempts.

Homeowners still have hope, since builders like Medallion have insurance, as well as the subcontractors. In addition, there is still hope that the pending MDL in New Orleans will result in a settlement or judgment that will compensate victims of defective Chinese drywall. If you have a concern about Chinese drywall, contact our office for a free and confidential consultation.