As a large port with a full-service container terminal and other amenities, the Port of Boston is brimming with activity throughout the year. It is also utilized by numerous vessels, both small and large. In addition to mercantile products, the port of Boston also handles a large number of passengers each year, many of whom are tourists. Many visitors to the United States prefer to use cruise ships that dock at the Port of Boston.

International cruise lines aren’t the only ones operating out of the port of Boston. Local ones like Norwegian Gem and Celebrity Eclipse also bring in many tourists, thereby adding to the already huge volumes of goods and people passing through this port. The increased levels of activity around the port mean that there are bound to be accidents every once in a while.

Cruise Accident Claims at the Port of Boston

Given how popular the Boston Cruise Terminal is, injuries are not uncommon. While many choose not to report such incidents, seeking legal redress is always an option. An experienced personal injury attorney is crucial in such instances.

At Aronfeld Trial Lawyers, we have such attorneys to help victims of cruise ship accidents. While a cruise ship accident may seem like a simple thing, pursuing legal action is an entirely different matter. Given how complex such cases can become, it’s always best to seek the services of an experienced personal injury attorney from the beginning. Such an attorney should be the kind that focuses on handling such matters. Our attorneys at Aronfeld Trial know how to navigate such cases, ensuring that clients don’t run into legal blind alleys along the way.

Victims usually file claims against the cruise lines. This is especially true in cases where there is proof of negligence that ultimately leads to physical injury or death.

Injuries on Cruise Ships

People on cruise ships can suffer a host of injuries. From simple slips to serious falls that lead to broken limbs or worse, victims can sue for damages. In addition to physical injuries, the psychological trauma resulting from such accidents can also take its toll on the victim.

When you choose our attorneys to represent you in such cases, we’ll ensure to include all such details in any claim filed on your behalf. A favorable outcome in such cases means that you could be entitled to damages for:

-Physical injuries and any long-term implications

– Loss of earnings due to your injuries

– Loss of consortium

– Care costs if you need to have someone taking care of you long-term

While filing a personal injury claim follows a similar process in most states, Florida is a little different in certain cases. For example, the statute of limitations is three years if you’re filing a claim against the government or one of its agencies. This knowledge is crucial if, say, you’re filing a claim against the state port authority. Count on our attorneys at Aronfeld Trial Lawyers to help you throughout such a process.

Why Choose Aronfeld Trial Lawyers

 Ships and all the numerous activities taking place at ports are governed by maritime law. These laws help settle disputes and to put in place sanctions for offenses committed in and around ports. Many personal injury laws are derived from the maritime ones. That’s why personal injury victims need to hire attorneys who are well-versed in all aspects related to their case.

At Aronfeld Trial Lawyers, we focus on a wide range of personal injury cases, including those related to cruise ships. Having handled numerous such cases over the years, we have a thorough understanding of the process. Given that personal injury cases can be very trying for victims, our attorneys approach all such cases with professionalism and compassion, knowing well that a misstep could have long-term consequences for the victim.

As a law firm with offices close to both the Miami federal courthouse and nearby cruise terminals, we’re better placed to handle victim cases from a local viewpoint. You can always reach out to our law firm at any time if you have personal injury inquiries.

Consulting With a Cruise Ship Injury Law Firm

Suffering personal injury aboard a cruise ship can be a traumatizing experience. Following such an accident, the victim will likely not be in the right frame of mind to pursue legal action quickly. However, time is always of the essence. The sooner a victim seeks legal advice, the more likely it is that they’ll get a favorable outcome. This is because cruise lines also have their legal teams. These lawyers are tasked with looking out for the best interests of these cruise lines. From the minute there is any incident aboard the cruise line, such lawyers get to work immediately. In incidents where it appears likely that the cruise line will be found liable, their lawyers may attempt to discredit the victim’s statement or undermine their case in some other way.

Hiring a cruise ship injury law firm helps ensure that the cruise line doesn’t jeopardize the victim’s chances of getting justice.

Cruise lines are required to ensure the safety of all passengers that use their ships. Part of this safety includes giving advanced warnings about possible dangers aboard such vessels. For instance, if the deck of a cruise ship poses a risk of slips and falls, the management should ensure to display a visible warning for all passengers. This will help avoid potential injuries while protecting them legally in the event of such accidents.

Preservation of CCTV Footage

One of the many ways of proving accidents in cruise ship cases involves witnesses. When such witnesses are unreliable or unavailable, CCTV footage can come in handy. As long as such footage can be independently verified as authentic, it’ll prove crucial in determining who is at fault.

The law firm can request CCTV footage from individuals or businesses to aid their case. It’s usually best to make a written request for such footage as part of upholding the chain of evidence. In some cases, the firm may need to petition the court to facilitate this process. The law firm may need to hire a forensic video expert to confirm the authenticity of any footage before using it as part of its cruise ship injury claim.

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Once a favorable outcome is reached, victims can expect damages for medical treatment, lost wages, loss of companionship, pain and suffering, etc.

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