Environmental Claims and Toxic Torts

Aronfeld Trial Lawyers is dedicated to protecting the people of South Florida from any environmental issues, such as noxious odors, hazardous waste, chemical pollution, air quality, water conditions, oil spills, etc. The greatest environmental issues arise from concerns in the quality of air, water, and hazardous waste. These issues can have severe economic and medical impact for those directly affected.

Our team of experienced attorneys has a deep understanding and knowledge of state regulations and will provide our clients with the highest quality of representation involving environmental issues and law. Aronfeld Trial Lawyers concerns itself with “fracking,” landfill contamination cases, and oil spills and has had the opportunity to represent its clients in major cases in these areas.

Currently, Spencer M. Aronfeld is investigating the possibility of filing litigation against the Monarch Hill Landfill in Pompano Beach, FL due to the emission of toxic odors that are affecting the natural enjoyment of nearby homes. Aronfeld and his team hope to bring compensation to neighboring homeowners and stop any future emission of offensive odors.

Another major class action lawsuit that Spencer M. Aronfeld has pursued regards the BP Oil spill, to which he states, “British Petroleum (BP) caused essentially the biggest environmental catastrophe in our lifetime.” The oil spill has been very detrimental to the fish industry and effects will eventually trickle down to the Gulf-area fisheries, restaurants, hotels, and seafood consumers who will pay a high price.

If you have been injured or have suffered economic and/or medical consequences as a result of environmental faults, please contact our office for a free consultation regarding your legal rights.


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