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Heart Attack Emergency Malpractice

Failure of a hospital’s Emergency Department or Urgent Care centers to diagnose and treat an impending heart attack can meant the difference between life and death. The heart is just a muscle. Every minute that a heart does not get blood, it is deprived oxygen, and muscle dies. Studies show that people who call 911 for emergency care when having a heart attack and receive fire rescue or ambulance transportation to a hospital are treated faster and have a better outcome than those that drive themselves. Angioplasty is a life saving procedure that is performed by a heart or cardiac specialist. The doctor inserts a tiny tube into the blocked artery and inflates a balloon. Sometimes, a stent is used to keep the artery permanently open.

The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology both recommend that angioplasties be performed within 90 minutes of the patient’s arrival in an emergency room. Patients that receive treatment within 90 minutes are more likely to survive and avoid significant cardiac damage.

Urgent Care Centers do not have on call 24 hour cardiac specialist. Our Florida heart attack injury law firms recommend that our clients always call 911 and be transported to an accredited Emergency Room that has access to cardiac specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Florida Urgent Care malpractice lawyers strongly recommend that any one suspicious of having a heart attack immediately call 911and alert the Fire Rescue or Paramedics of the symptoms and when they began. Paramedics are equipped to perform diagnostic EKGs upon arrival. If the EKG is consistent with a heart attack they have the ability to notify the nearest hospital to have a cardiologist, nurses and medical team alerted and waiting upon the patient’s arrival.

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