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Chinese Drywall

Chinese DrywallWhat is causing this problem?
Toxic Chinese-made drywall

The sulfuric atmosphere toxic drywall creates causes the corrosion of electrical systems, air conditioning systems, and exposed metal throughout your home. It also produces a strong rotten-egg-like smell, which cannot be removed until the drywall itself is removed.

How Could This Happen? There was a shortage of our domestic drywall supply due to the housing boom that occurred between 2004 and 2006. Builders were then forced to import materials, such as drywall, from other countries like China. Companies such as Lennar Corp, and Knauf Tianjin, have acknowledged that the sulfuric gases emitted from defective drywall does indeed cause corrosion to exposed metals.

Signs that you may have defective drywall:

  • A rotten-egg-like odor
  • Frequent replacement of A/C systems or components
  • Electrical wiring that has turned black and/or is corroded
  • Piping has turned black and/or needs to be replaced
  • Silver jewelry has turned black
  • Health related problems that seem to worsen

Familes in Lennar’s Heritage Harbor in Bradenton, Florida gather to hear Spencer Aronfeld explain the current state of Chinese Drywall claims.

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