Midwife Medical Malpractice

Midwife Medical Malpractice

According to Florida Statute §467.015 a midwife is only able to provide care for mothers who are expecting to have a normal pregnancy, labor and delivery. Florida midwife medical malpractice often occur when a midwife fails to consider the complexity of some pregnancies and does not refer the patient back to a qualified medical doctor. Any pregnant women who is diabetic, has hypertension or has had complications during pregnancy is considered to be at high risk.

All patients who are treated by midwives in Florida must sign an “informed consent” that is approved by the State of Florida. Midwives must collaborate closely with a doctor in both the prenatal and postnatal and understand the guidelines for identifying if and when a pregnancy becomes high-risk.

Midwife nurse malpractice can occur if a midwife either does not have or fails to follow a written plan of action. This is especially important if during the pregnancy, labor or delivery an emergency occurs and the women or neonate requires immediate medical care.

Our Florida midwife medical malpractice lawyers understand the financial, emotional and psychological toll that affects families as the result of a midwife mistake. We have experience unraveling the complex relationship between midwives, doctors and hospitals when a birth trauma occurs. If you suspect that you are a victim of a careless midwife, contact our office for a free consultation regarding your legal rights and the rights of your child.

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