Mr. Romney’s Hip Replacement

The 2012 Presidential election is just days away. Voters need to know now where the candidates stand on certain “key issues.” For most it is the economy, taxes, abortion, gay marriage and healthcare. These issues concern me too. However, for our Ft. Myers Stryker hip implant claims lawyers the most crucial issue is tort reform.

What is tort reform? Tort reform is a group of ideas and laws designed to change our civil justice system; making it more difficult for injured people to a file lawsuit, obtain a jury trial and receive fair compensation.

I have spent over twenty years of my life helping people hurt by careless drug companies. As a Florida class action attorney for people with defective hip implants I believe that national tort reform will help corporations at the expense of injured people.

For instance, a 70 year old Aventura woman is already having problems with her Rejuvante hip replacement system made by Stryker. Styker claimed the ceramic design would last longer and fit better. Yet, her implant, just a year old, is already causing her serious medical complications including elevated cobalt levels. Stryker has now voluntarily recalled its Rejuvante Modular and ABG II modular neck hip stems due to corrosion.

DePuy also recalled its metal hip replacement systems because they kept breaking down and patients were developing metallosis. Our Boca Raton hip implant lawyers already represent people with DePuy hips are suing DePuy and Johnson and Johnson its parent company, alleging that they knew there were problems with the implants before they were sold.

Metallosis or cobalt poisoning is a medical condition that develops when metallic debris builds up in the soft tissues of the body. Patients with metal hip implants have a high risk for developing cobalt poisoning. The symptoms include pain, rashes, hearing and sight loss and may require immediate removal of the implant.

If you have a Stryker or DePuy hip implant you should contact your orthopedic surgeon immediately for diagnostic testing. If you do not know the kind of implant you have, schedule an office visit with your surgeon and ask to see your medical records.

What does hip implant claims have to do with the 2012 Presidential election? Mitt Romney supports national tort reform. He says our justice system is out of control and pledges to increase the legal protection that U.S. corporations like Stryker, DePuy and Johnson and Johnson already enjoy.

According to Mr. Romney, last year American corporations spent more money defending claims than on research and development. Assuming this is true, does that mean that DePuy or Stryker would rather defend lawsuits than build safer products? Perhaps it is more profitable to pay claims than spend money on safer designs, testing and warnings?

Many Americans support tort reform and ridicule personal injury plaintiffs and their lawyers. Clint Eastwood got a standing ovation at the Republican National Convention when he remarked that lawyers do not make good presidents. Little did he realize that both Mr. Romney and President Obama are law school graduates.

As long as corporations continue to market and sell dangerous hip implants, medications and surgical devices like vaginal mesh, only juries will hold them accountable for the harm they cause. I just hope that Mr. Romney does not need a hip replacement any time soon.