Norwegian Cruise Line is set to sail its most in-demand ship to date, the Norwegian Prima, in August 2022. The vessel debuted in May 2021 and has resulted in record bookings, according to reps from the cruise line.

The Norwegian Prima offers high-speed thrills and state-of-the-art amenities. The vessel will host the Prima Speedway, the largest and first ever three-level at sea go-kart racetrack. The racetrack is 1,378 feet, can accommodate up to 15 racers at the same time, and features 14 sharp turns for drivers. The go-karts can travel at speeds up to 30 miles-per-hour.

While the Norwegian Prima may offer the most daring and adventurous racetrack to-date, this is not the first racetrack attraction offered by the cruise line. The Norwegian Joy, which debuted in 2017, had the world’s first cruise go-kart track. Later Norwegian vessels, including Bliss and Encore added their own racetracks, as well.

Another attraction that has drawn the attention of thrill-seeking passengers is The Drop, which is the world’s very first free-fall dry slide on a cruise line. The Drop is a 10-story plunge slide, a first of its kind on any cruise ship.

Another similar attraction, The Rush, allows passengers to race in a free-fall experience where two people speed down free-fall dry slides at the same time.

The Norwegian Prima also offers amenities that cater to passengers who are not as thrill seeking. The vessel hosts the world’s first three-story cruise ship theater, which transforms into a Vegas-style nightclub at night. The theater will also host interactive reality game shows for guests like “The Price Is Right.”

The vessel will also house an indoor virtual gaming complex with two escape rooms and a Topgolf Swing Suite. The Norwegian Prima will also host an Aqua Park and pool area, including the cruise line’s first Tidal Wave waterslide attraction.

The company says they have put a huge emphasis on outdoor space when designing the Norwegian Prima, including the introduction of the Ocean Boulevard. The Boulevard will include an outdoor sculpture garden, two infinity pools, an open-air lounge area, and two glass-bottom bridges that allow passengers to walk over the ocean. The vessel also hosts an adults-only area called the Vibe Beach Club, which features a bar and two infinity hot tubs.

The Norwegian Prima stretches 965 feet in length and weighs 142,500 gross tons. The vessel can accommodate up to 3,215 guests and offers 13 different selections for suite categories. Norwegian Prima’s inaugural voyage is set to be in the summer of 2022 with an eight-day journey in Northern Europe, sailing from Amsterdam to the Norwegian Fjords and Baltic regions. After this voyage, the ship will cruise around the Caribbean during the fall/winter season of 2022-2023.

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