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Nursing Home Abuse: Bed Sores and Pressure Ulcers

Bed sores are also called decubitus or pressure ulcers. As the name implies they occur because a patient has been left in the same position over a long period of time. As a result, there is pressure on the skin and surrounding tissue that causes lack of blood flow to the area. Most commonly this occurs on the heels of the feet, sacrum, elbows, back, hips, knees, ankles, and ears.

Our bed sore injury lawyers specialize in handling cases that occur in hospitals and nursing homes. Often a patient can develop a bed sore in a hospital that worsens while under the care of a rehab facility/skilled nursing facility or nursing home.

Bed sores can and should be prevented with simple techniques such as keeping a patient clean and dry from urine and feces and turning and positioning to avoid pressure. Patients often develop wound infections from bed sores that require surgical debridement and antibiotics.

The cost of treating a pressure ulcers range from $4000 to $40,000 for newly developed ulcers. When admitted patients develop hospital bed sores the length of stay is significantly higher. The cost of specialized beds and mattresses that prevent, pressure ulcers development range from $40 to $85 per day for low air-loss beds. When compared to the pain and suffering and additional cost of treatment, we believe that there is simply no excuse for a patient to develop a bed sore.

We have made claims on behalf of patients who have developed bed sores at hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities (ALFs) across the State of Florida. We are strong advocates for holding healthcare providers responsible for maintaining the highest quality of care provided to patients, with respect to pressure ulcer prevention.

Pressure sores do not just occur in the elderly. Patients who have any medical condition that limits movement such as recovering from surgery, paralysis, arthritis or MS are at high risk for developing a pressure ulcer. The late actor, Christopher Reeve died due to complications from decubitus ulcers after becoming a quadriplegic.

If you are suffering from a bed sores that developed under the care of a doctor, hosptial, nursing home, or ALF in Florida, you should consult with our Miami bed sore abuse attorneys to discuss your legal rights.

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