Personal Injury Claims on New York Cruise Ships

Aboard Ships in the Big Apple

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Ports of NYC

Many modern day vessels can still dock in New York Harbor, where immigrants landed, dreams blossom, and new lives began. Over 1 million people each year disembark from cruise ships at New York Harbor to explore Manhattan.

Due to the demand of cruises to NYC, there are now cruise ship ports throughout the metropolitan area. The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal has been welcoming passenger cruise ships since 1952, while Port Liberty, also known as Cape Liberty, was the long-time home for naval and military ships. Port Liberty was renovated in 2004 to accommodate a number of well-known cruise lines and mega cruise ships.

Injury Aboard a Cruise Ship to NYC

However, among these impressive monuments and historical docks, it is possible that a cruise vacation can go awry. Experiencing an accident or injury aboard a cruise ship is an unfortunate and trying event, but an attorney with experience bringing these personal injury claims can provide a lot of assistance and support.

Many of the major cruise lines, including Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and Norwegian Cruise Line all require passengers injured on their cruise ships to bring any claim in the State of Florida. Claims must be filed in Southern Florida, regardless of where the incident occurred; even if it is through an accident disembarking in New York Harbor.

The condition is stated on each ticket sold, and passengers agree to the stipulation when purchasing their cruise package or ticket. It can be frustrating to learn of this legal requirement, but our law firm can help.

Seeking Legal Assistance

Our firm has over 25 years of experience representing passengers injured aboard cruise ships, and our lawyers are familiar with the laws and regulations of Southern Florida. We can advise you on time limitations for filing a claim and likelihood of success in your lawsuit through confidential consultations. Contact our knowledgeable lawyers by calling 1-866-597-4529 or by email at

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