Florida’s Personal Injury Protection Insurance, or “PIP” is supposed to pay for medical bills and lost wages when you get hurt in a car wreck and meet the legal requirements. According to Florida Statute §627.736, to qualify for PIP benefits after a Florida traffic accident, the injured must be one of the following:

1. Named as an insured on the PIP policy, or

2. A family member who lives in the same household, or

3. The driver of an insured vehicle, or

4. The passenger in an insured car or truck.

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Florida’s auto insurance industry is notorious for refusing to pay PIP benefits or attempting to reduce the amount of the bill. When that happens, it is considered to be a breach of the insurance contract. Lawsuits filed against PIP insurance providers for this breach are called PIP suits.

Kevin Whitehead is considered to be one the most experienced and successful PIP Suit lawyers in Florida. He reveals some PIP Suit secrets that no insurance company wants you to know. For instance, most medical care providers ask their patients to assign their PIP insurance rights to sue the insurance company. The majority of PIP suits are filed on behalf of MRI Centers, Rehab Clinics, Doctors and Hospitals to collect for unpaid medical bills.

Which PIP insurance company gets sued the most?

According to the Sun-Sentinel, since 2006 Broward County has had over 23,500 PIP suits filed. Nearly 6,000 PIP law suits have been filed against United Auto Insurance alone for denying claims. United Auto usually provides minimum coverage car insurance policies to high-risk, low-income drivers. According to United Auto CEO Richard Parrillo, UA has spent $80 million dollars defending PIP suits over the last 4 years. Perhaps the real reason for the rising cost of premiums is due to the insurance company’s attorney’s fees?

If you have been involved in a car or truck accident in Florida and your PIP insurance company is refusing to pay the medical bills, contact an experienced PIP lawyer to protect your legal rights.