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Our Florida rollover car and truck crash attorneys are experienced in handling the rare yet catastrophic injuries associated with rollover accidents. According to Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, only 2.17% of the State’s car accidents involve rollover crashes. Yet 11.43% of rollover accident result in fatalities.


Causes of Roll Over Car Accidents

In the United States there are about 280,000 rollover accidents a year resulting in over 10,000 fatalities. According to Florida crash statistics, SUVs are more likely to be involved in rollover car accidents due to their inherently higher center of gravity. Crash data has shows that SUV rollovers result in the greatest number of deaths. Therefore, we recommend that if you are driving an SUV, you should operate the vehicle using the upmost care to avoid a rollover. Some SUVs are more likely to flip than others when making a sudden or violent turn. Our rollover injuries lawyers recommend that you consult with the National Institute for Highway Safety to determine if your vehicle has a high rollover risk BEFORE making a purchase.

South Florida Roll Over Car Accident Statistics

South Florida crash data shows that the majority of fatal rollover wrecks happen on weekend nights. Most fatal car and truck rollover crashes occur when drivers are males under the age of 25 and there is evidence of drug or alcohol use. In most cases the injured or fatally injured victims were not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the rollover.

Sadly, rollover incidents do not only occur in just SUV or Crossover vehicles. They also occur in passenger cars, trucks, vans, and ATVs, like go-carts and golf carts. These accidents are very dangerous because they may cause crushed roofs, leaking fuel and fires, or passengers being trapped inside burning vehicles.

Rollover crashes can leave you with costly medical bills, pain and suffering, scarring and lost wages. When vehicles malfunctions due to improper manufacturer or design cause a severe injury, contact Aronfeld Trial Lawyers to help protect your legal interests and rights.

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Our firm has investigated claims against vehicle manufacturers and distributors when rollovers are caused or damages are aggravated by manufacturing or design defect. For example, we have seen instances of inadequate design, poor brake systems, tire failure, roof crush and seatback failure. If you, a loved one, or someone you know, has been involved in an accident in Florida, call Aronfeld Lawyers for a free initial consultation on your legal rights as a victim of an accident.

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