When families set sail on a cruise, they anticipate a journey filled with fun, adventure, and priceless memories. Unfortunately, the reality can sometimes veer off course, especially for the youngest passengers. Injuries among children on cruise ships, ranging from minor scrapes to more serious accidents, are a concerning aspect of maritime travel that demands attention. At Aronfeld Trial Lawyers, we are committed to ensuring that these incidents don’t just become statistics but are addressed with the seriousness they deserve.

Onboard a cruise, children are exposed to various risks. Busy pools, slippery decks, and high-energy play areas can all pose hazards if not properly managed. Our experience in maritime law has shown that while cruise lines often do make considerable efforts to ensure safety, lapses in safety measures and supervision can occur, leading to preventable injuries.

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At Aronfeld Trial Lawyers, we specialize in representing families whose children have been injured due to such oversights. Understanding the intricacies of maritime law is crucial, as these cases differ significantly from standard personal injury claims on land. Our firm has a deep understanding of the duty of care owed by cruise lines to their passengers, especially children, who are naturally more vulnerable.


We meticulously investigate each case, examining the specifics of the incident and the cruise line’s adherence to safety protocols. This involves scrutinizing passenger contracts that often contain complex legal language about liability and the terms of recourse available to passengers. Our goal is not only to secure fair compensation for immediate and long-term medical care, pain, and suffering but also to hold cruise lines accountable, encouraging them to elevate their safety standards.


Legal proceedings in maritime cases are bound by stringent timelines. For instance, claims must typically be submitted within 180 days of the incident, and lawsuits need to be filed in specific courts, such as the Federal Court in Miami, Florida, regardless of where the incident occurred or where the passenger resides. Our firm is adept at navigating these timelines, ensuring that all procedural requirements are met efficiently and effectively.


Aronfeld Trial Lawyers is not just a firm; we are a team of advocates dedicated to justice. Each successful case reinforces the standard of care cruise lines must uphold and acts as a deterrent against future negligence. We believe in proactive communication and education, helping families understand their rights and the precautions they can take to prevent accidents.


If your child has been injured on a cruise ship, or if you want to understand more about your legal rights in such situations, contact Aronfeld Trial Lawyers. We stand ready to assist you in navigating the legal landscape and ensuring that your family receives the justice and compensation you deserve. Remember, when it comes to protecting your loved ones on open waters, you have a capable and dedicated partner in Aronfeld Trial Lawyers. Your journey to justice starts with us.