As a Florida oil spill claims lawyer, I am scratching my head as to why judges in Boise, Idaho are deciding the fate of thousands of claimants in the largest environmental catastrophe in history.

But its true, lawyers from New Orleans like my pal, the great Russ Herman want the case in the closest courthouse to where the slick hit the fan. And he is right for many reasons, but most of all, to suggest that the case should be anywhere other than New Orleans, implies that the Federal Judiciary is somehow biased and won’t give BP a fair trial.

As a lawyer, I find this insulting to the bench, bar and most importantly to the victims of the oil spill. And why, I wonder does BP want the matter to be heard in Houston, Texas? Simply because BP has corporate offices there? I bet it has something more to do with Houston’s long standing love affair with oil.

Good work Russ, lets hope now that the MDL gets it right. Of course, as a Miami oil spill lawyer, I wouldn’t mind if they pick a third venue, right in my backyard.