Miami Swimming Pool Accident Attorney

Swimming Pool Accidents

The leading cause of death for young children in Florida is drowning. Children are at serious risk for injury or death at anytime they are near a swimming pool. Drowning accidents can even happen when swimming pools are not being used. Unlocked or broken pool gates are especially dangerous for young children. These tragic incidents commonly occur in our backyard pools, hotels, apartments and condominiums.

The Florida Legislature enacted the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act that defines the types of 


covers and barriers that must be utilized in Florida. Section 515.27 requires that new residential swimming pools have at least one of the following in place in order to receive a final inspection and certificate of completion:

  •   Pools must meet barrier requirements.
  •   Pools must be equipped with approved safety covers.
  •   Alarms must be placed on doors and windows with access to pools.
  •   Doors must have self-closing devices at least 54 inches high.

Failing to equip a new home with the appropriate safety features is a second degree misdemeanor and requires attendance at a drowning prevention program.

Swimming pool accidents and injuries can be prevented by using caution. It is important that caregivers remain vigilant and sober when supervising children in and around swimming pools.

Homeowners owners and property management companies are legally responsible for providing safe swimming pools. This includes maintaining the areas around the pool so that guests do not get injured by slipping and falling.

Our South Florida swimming pool accident attorneys strongly urge parents and caregivers to always supervise children whenever they are near a pool.