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Wright Conserve (TM) Hip Replacement Recall

In recent years, orthopedic surgeons from across the United States have begun an initiative to phase in a form of total hip replacement for hip reconstruction. This technology, which is causing many patients much discomfort, is none other than “metal-on-metal” total hip replacement. These prosthetics consist of a cupping mechanism designed to mimic our natural hip structure in order to foster a better range of motion and allow younger, more active patients to continue their busy lifestyles with ease. However, as with any good intention, there is a facet of this hip replacement’s construction that has raised substantial concern among the medical community.

According to the New York Times, about a third of all hip replacement procedures that took place in 2010 utilized this metal-on-metal cupping system. The “ball-and-joint” system this prosthetic utilizes is most commonly composed of metals such as cobalt and chromium, with the intention of increasing its durability. Unfortunately, studies have shown that the metal-on-metal system has been linked to significant health risks caused by metallic debris released into a patient’s body because of the design of the instrument (resulting from the friction caused by scraping metal between the cupping mechanism and the stem, which can induce metal toxicity in the blood, resulting in an array of long-term health risks).

Some of the injuries one could sustain from a faulty hip implant include, but are not limited to, pain in the groin, death of tissue in the hip joint, and loss of surrounding bone. If you or someone close to you has recently been experiencing any or all of these symptoms, the condition could possibly result in costly surgeries called “hip resurfacing.” At Aronfeld Trial Lawyers, we are specifically interested in representing men and women whose claims and injuries are due to a faulty device from the manufacturer, Wright Medical group, Incorporated–the “Conserve Cup” Hip Replacement system. Because of the large number of injuries caused by faulty metal-on-metal hip replacement implants, Wright Medical Group, Inc. has issued a recall on this particular system.

If you or someone you know currently has a Wright implant and has experienced difficulty walking or distributing your weight freely, limited range of motion, metallic poisoning, or has previously undergone hip resurfacing surgery to correct ailments caused by Wright’s “Conserve Cup” total hip replacement model, please do not hesitate to contact Aronfeld Trial Lawyers to investigate your possible claim and set up a free initial consultation. Please keep in mind that because of the statute of limitations in the state of Florida, your Wright Technology “Conserve Cup” hip replacement would have had to be implanted after 2008 in order for you to take full advantage of this opportunity.

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