When The Defense Examines an Injured Plaintiff

Florida like most states permits the defendant in a personal injury claim to force the plaintiff (claimant) to undergo a physical and sometimes even a psychological examination. Florida Rules of Civil Procedure 1.360 is the rule that provides the guidelines as to how the examination is supposed to take place. The examinations are commonly referred [...]

Miami’s Bicycle Crash Epidemic

As a former bicycle racer and as a Florida bicycle injury attorney, I know that South Florida is a very dangerous place to ride a bicycle. The tragic death of Aaron Cohen, a 36 year old Miami father and husband, mowed down in a hit and run car crash Miami's Key Biscayne--Miami-Dade's most popular cycling [...]


On April 6, 2011 Miami personal injury lawyer Spencer Aronfeld will be speaking at the University of Miami School of Law.. The topic will be: how to make your own law firm upon graduation from law school and lunch will be served. The event is open to the public as well as students from both [...]

Another Unfair Florida Law That Strips Justice From Those Injured in Car Accidents

As a Florida car wreck attorney I know that many laws are designed to prevent people from obtaining justice for their injuries. For instance, Florida Statute §627 prevents those injured in Florida car, truck, bicycle or pedestrian accidents from recovering for injuries caused by another unless those injuries result in: Significant and permanent loss of [...]

There is no Excuse for a Child to Ride a Bicycle Without a Helmet

I want you to know as a parent, and as a Miami traumatic brain injury lawyer, nearly 300,000 children ages 14 and under are treated in hospital ERs for bicycle related injuries every year. Half of these kids are diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries. 75 percent of fatal head injuries among child bicyclists could be [...]
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