New Orleans Federal Judge Eldon E. Fallon is expected to issue a detailed ruling shortly detailing the scope of remediation he thinks is necessary.

However, during the trial, two key points were brought to everyone’s attention which presents a problem for Lennar. That is that the damages to insulated electrical wiring and removal of residual drywalls.

Lennar started remediating homes last year. They stated that it knew what and how the homes needed to be fixed. Initially, However, recent findings conclude that its not that simple. Some of our clients are complaining that the smell and other problems of “fixed” houses has returned.

During the first trial that Lennar’s first repair protocol was not working and they have changed it.

Though the change to the remediation process has been made for the future, but what about the early homes where the remaining wiring was left behind?

All eyes will be on the trial against Knopf that starts on Monday, when there will be real evidence introduced to the judge. It is a bench trial, meaning no jury will be sworn in. The first jury trial will be in May or June.  We await the rulings.