Fashion contacts lenses that make your eyes look like your favorite movie star or vampire are more dangerous than many think. Decorative contact lenses are being sold on the internet and at shopping malls across the country for Halloween. According to the FDA, these types of lens can cause permanent eye damage.

Decorative lenses have been reported to cause corneal abrasions, decreased vision, infections, corneal ulcers and blindness. Our Miami children’s eye injury lawyers recommend that you only purchase contact lenses from a licensed ophthalmologist following a contact lens examination. Ophthalmologist are eye doctors and they are specially trained to make sure that contact lens fit properly.

Contact lenses, like medication have an expiration date. You should always confirm that you have purchased lenses within the expiration date and dispose of any old ones. It is not uncommon for people to share contact lenses; but you should never wear someone’s contacts or used contacts. If you develop an irritation, or infection, immediately remove the lenses and contact your prescribing doctor or go to the nearest ER.

It is also important to never sleep in daily contact lens or lens that are prescribed for single use. Purchasing contacts over the internet can be dangerous because only certain contact lenses are allowed to be sold in the United States. To find out if your contact lenses have been reviewed and approved for sale in the US by the FDA, click here.

Proper cleaning of re-wearable contact lenses is essential. Cleaning should be done pursuant to the manufacturer’s recommendations with the appropriate solution and not with tap water.

Contact lens cleaning solution, Clear Care, is the subject of complaints from patient safety groups claiming that CIBA, the manufacturer, failed to adequately warn users about the product’s high hydrogen peroxide content. Hydrogen peroxide will cause a caustic burn if it gets in the eye.

The FDA has received over 100 reported eye problems caused by the use of Clear Care. According to NBC News, several consumers were rushed to ERs and diagnosed with chemical burns, corneal ulcerations and other problems after using Clear Care.

If you suspect that your have purchased defective contact lenses or cleaner, you should obtain the name of the device and the device manufacturer and report the problem to the FDA’s MedWatch and consult with a Florida contact lens injury lawyer about your legal rights.