When most people think about traveling on a cruise ship, they think of rest and relaxation in the lap of luxury at sea, but employees who work on these ships paint quite a different picture of what goes on behind the scenes.

At the time of hire, cruise employees sign employment contracts that detail their duties and obligations. These employees do not put in the average five-day work week that most employees do. Most of them work for seven days in a row for their contracts, which can last anywhere from two to 11 months during the cruise season.

The most common contract period is four to eight months, while some can be longer. During these days, the employees work much longer than the average eight-hour work day. The employees interviewed reported to Business Insider that they worked up to 12 hours per day. Even for the strongest person, this grueling schedule can be tiring and stressful.

The hours can also be intense, ranging from around eight to nearly 20 hours per day. A former waiter for Carnival Cruise Line who said he worked about 12 hours a day described his schedule as “crazy” and said it led to fatigue and stress.


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