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Many cruise lines utilize tender boats, which are used like a floating city bus to transport passengers from cruise ships to ports.

Getting on and off tender boats can be extremely dangerous, and passengers have been known to be seriously injured if the tender is not properly stabilized or secured to the ship or dock.  Serious injuries can result such as broken backs, necks, arms and legs when tender boats are not properly secured.

Most commonly this occurs when a port, such as Georgetown, Grand Cayman is not sufficiently large enough to accommodate today’s mega sized cruise ships. Sometimes, even when a ship arrives at a port-a tender may be used to re-board the ship if the weather conditions change during the course of the day.

Cruise lines frequently try to deny any responsibility when a passenger is injured in a tender boat accident. The cruise line will try and blame the tender company or the port facility. There is however, a clear legal obligation on the cruise lines to provide passengers with a high degree of care in transporting passengers to and from the cruise ships.

We have filed many cases on behalf of passengers injured getting on and off tender boats. Claims must be filed in Miami’s Federal Court, even if the accident occurred thousands of miles away.

Most cruise lines, including CarnivalRoyal CaribbeanCelebrityNorwegianMSCDisneyHolland AmericaPrincess, Costa, Regents Seven Seas and Oceania require that claims against them be pursued in a very specific place under very strict deadlines. Failure to comply with each individual cruise lines deadlines can result in a complete loss of any and all legal rights.

We have fought hard to hold cruise lines accountable when they put their profits ahead of passenger safety.  We are available 24/7 and encourage you to contact us even if you are still on your cruise. Remember, the cruise lines have the most aggressive and well-funded defense lawyers in the world- protecting their profits.  You need an experienced legal advocate in your corner who will fight to obtain the compensation you deserve for lost wages, medical expenses, transportation reimbursement and pain and suffering.  To speak with a cruise accident attorney at Aronfeld Trial Lawyers and advance your lawsuit, call 1-866-597-4529, reach our Miami office locally at (305)-441-0440, or contact our legal team electronically at newcase@aronfeld.com or via SKYPE.