Vaginal mesh is a medical device that is used to treat women who have Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) or Stress Urinary Incontinence. POP is a serious condition that affects thousands of women across the country. POP most often occur after the tissues holding the pelvic organs in place weaken or stretch. According to the FDA, 30-50 percent of women will develop some degree of POP but only 2% will experience any symptoms. The most common symptoms occur when an one or more organs, such as the bladder, uterus, or rectum, bulge into the vagina. Occasionally the prolapsed organ bulges outside the vaginal opening. Stress Urinary Incontinence is involuntarily urination which occurs while coughing, laughing or exercise.

Vaginal mesh is a medical device that is commonly used to support damaged tissue. Vaginal mesh, like most surgical mesh, is made from a synthetic material. The mesh is implanted into the vaginal wall to treat both POP and urinary incontinence. The surgical procedure is often performed by either a urogynecologist or a general surgeon.

Unfortunately women who have undergone vaginal mesh implants have developed serious medical complications due to the defective design and quality of some of the products. Women have reported that their vaginal mesh implants both corrode and erode causing serious complications including pain, infection, bleeding, painful intercourse, organ perforation, and complex urinary problems. Many women who have had vaginal mesh implants have undergone additional surgeries and even hospitalization.

Our vaginal mesh claims lawyers are currently investigating a case on behalf of a South Florida women who underwent mesh implantation last year to treat her urinary incontinence. Since the initial surgery, she has had to undergo several surgical revisions with extensive hospitalization and time lost from work. Due to the intimate nature of the medical condition, it has prevented her from engaging in sexual intercourse or any other intimacy with her husband of 29 years. In fact, her husband developed irritation on his penis from contact with the eroding mesh.

We recommend that anyone who has had vaginal mesh surgery contact their physician to determine if the produce used was subject to recent recalls. Ask for the name of the manufacturer, product name, size of implant and date of surgery.

If you are considering undergoing vaginal mesh implant surgery, you should ask your doctor about alternative products as well as the risk and benefit of not having any mesh implanted at all. Question the physician about the number of procedures he or she has performed and about other patient experiences. As an implant injury lawyer I suggest that you get a second opinion from another surgeon before agreeing to undergo any procedure to better understand the risks and benefits of vaginal implantation.

There are currently a number of vaginal mesh law suits and class actions around the country following the recall of several products. If you believe that you have developed medical problems as a result of vaginal mesh implantation, please contact our Florida accident attorneys for a free consultation regarding your legal rights.

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