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The City Of Doral

Doral is a major city within Miami-Dade County, Florida, situated near Miami International Airport. Doral’s history is substantial in contrast to the histories of its neighboring cities–and it has become one of the fastest growing areas in the State of Florida. The City of Doral developed in the late 1950s when Alfred and Doris Kaskel purchased 2400 acres of swampland between NW 36th Street and NW 74th Street, and from NW 79th Avenue to NW 117th Avenue, for the lump sum of $49,000.

Today, the Doral area is renowned for its golf courses and spa facilities. It continues to draw visitors from around the state. Over 45,000 people call Doral home, and it is one of the fasting growing cities in Miami-Dade County. In addition to resorts, Doral is home to numerous shops, banks, businesses, warehouses, and television production companies. Carnival Cruise Lines also maintains its world headquarters in Doral, employing 2,500 people. Doral’s largest tourist attraction is the Dolphin Mall located just five miles from the Miami International Airport right off the Florida Turnpike.

Doral Accident Lawyers

Despite its relatively short existence (becoming incorporated in 1995 and eventually being formally recognized as a new city in 2003), Doral suffers a surprisingly large quantity of accidents. On a similar note, Doral is also perennially recognized for having some of the most dangerous intersections in Miami-Dade County, the most accident-prone county in the state of Florida (recording an estimated 42,171 traffic accidents in 2011).

According to an article recently published in The Miami New Times, Doral has three of the ten worst intersections in Miami-Dade County, listing them in order: 3rd, NW 107 Ave. / NW 12 St., Doral, FL, 7th, NW 72 Ave. / NW 36 St., Doral, FL, and 9th, NW 87 Ave. / NW 12 St., in the span of just 2 years these three intersections, because of their hazardous nature, have been the sites of a horrifying 1,051 accidents. Keeping these staggering figures in mind, it is imperative to exercise extreme caution when crossing or entering busy intersections in Doral.

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