With the cruise industry essentially shut down for most of 2020 and 2021, cruise companies, as well as those offering attractions on cruise ships, have had to become creative to continue bringing in profits during the Covid-19 pandemic.

FlowRider Inc., the original manufacture of the FlowRider® sheet wave machine came up with several different ways to continue offering their attractions to customers throughout 2021 and into 2022.

Personal FlowRider Machines

A FlowRider is a surfing simulation machine, which allows individuals to surf while on dry land. Normally, these attractions are on a ship’s deck. Royal Caribbean ships offer this attraction on many of their vessels. However, with many cruise ships docked permanently during 2020 and 2021, FlowRider wanted to bring their surfing experience to dry land. They did this with the launch of the FlowRider Edge, a personal FlowRider surf machine that can be set up in a person’s backyard. The Edge can attach next to one’s backyard pool, using the same water and filtration system as the pool. This feature allows the rider to slide into the pool in the event of a wipeout while surfing.

Advanced Surfing Technology Offered for Customers

FlowRider also launched a new type of surfing wave available for riders. This new wave simulates the flow of water similar to waves on a river. The company touted this wave as the most advanced deep water surfing wave to date.

FlowRider also merged portions of the older FlowBarrel design and the FlowRider Double, along with their inflatable ride surface technology, to create the FlowCurl. The FlowCurl allows the rider to ride a peeling curl line in lieu of wiping out, which comes with own set of risks to the individual on the ride. The FlowCurl is a classic sheet wave with two separate and distinct areas. One section is a flat area similar to most surfing experiences on the FlowRider while the other half offers a curling section designed for more advanced surfers.

Cruise ships are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to attractions and activities for passengers on their ships. For Royal Caribbean, one of these popular attractions for surfing enthusiasts and novices alike is the FlowRider. However, most passengers do not realize the dangers associated with the FlowRider. There have been numerous reports of injuries including broken ankles, wrists, sprains, traumatic brain injuries and accidental drownings. If you have been injured while on the FlowRider on a Royal Caribbean cruise, it is important to contact an experienced Flowrider accident attorney immediately.

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SOURCE: Flowing on into 2021 – FlowRider® Official | The Ultimate Surf Machine | San Diego, CA