Investigating Monarch Hills Landfill

Residents of Pompano Beach in West Broward County Florida have grown tired of the offensive odors emanating from a massive landfill. Our Pompano Beach lawyers are currently investigating complaints on behalf of dozens of people. Many members of the community have voiced disappointment by the slow regulatory action of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Monarch Hill Landfill located at 2700 Wiles Road in unincorporated Broward County. It is categorized as a Class I Landfill. It is owned by Waste Management and processes about 3,500 tons of waste per day. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection permits Monarch Hill to accept household garbage, construction & demolition debris, yard waste, selective non-hazardous industrial waste, contaminated non-hazardous soils, ash from the waste-to-energy plant and sludge from Broward County’s waste-water. Aside from serving as a vital disposal center to rid of debris from natural disasters like hurricanes, the waste collected at Monarch Hill is also used for renewable energy.

Unfortunately, for the nearby communities of Coconut Creek and Deerfield Beach, foul and noxious odors fill the air. Waste Management, Inc. has dealt with previous violations of air standards due to complaints. Unsuccessful attempts to cover the landfill’s stench with dirt and deodorizers have been made and recent media coverage indicates ongoing violations for the emission of offensive odors.

Florida Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer Spencer M. Aronfeld is experienced in environmental issues dealing with hazardous waste and odors, chemical pollution, air quality, water conditions and oil spills. Aronfeld Trial Lawyers are committed to protecting the environment and the families living in close proximity to the Monarch Hill Landfill.

If you and your family are disturbed by the odor emission from the Monarch Hill Landfill, do not hesitate to contact Aronfeld Trial Lawyers for a free legal consultation.