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Key Biscayne, the southern-most barrier island from Miami Beach, is known as an Island Paradise. It is well visited from tourists and locals alike for recreational fun in Crandon County Park, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and Biscayne National Park. The island hosts several events throughout the year, including the Sony Ericsson Open known internationally as an annual men’s and women’s tennis tournament where in 2011 over 300,000 visitors attended the 12 day matches. In addition, the residents will see tens of thousands of visitors a year participating in the marathons, half marathons, and 5K races that are held on the island. In any given year, the island could see hundreds of thousands of non-residential visitors. Aronfeld Law Firm has successfully represented many foreign tourists in the greater Miami area with our team of dedicated personal Key Biscayne injury lawyers.

The main neighborhood of Key Biscayne is the Village of Key Biscayne with neighboring hotels that have increased commercialism since their construction. Key Biscayne is home to over 12,000 people living in Key Biscayne Village. As of 2010 nearly half the population identifies as being of Hispanic or Latino descent. Here at Aronfeld Law Firm, you will find that our personal Key Biscayne injury lawyers and staff speak fluent Spanish to assist those who do not speak English.

Due to the volume of tourists and even local Miami residents that flock to Key Biscayne during events and weekends, car accidents and personal injury cases are on the rise. As the preferred method of transportation and recreation on the island is either walking or biking, the potential risk for injury is high. As I have mentioned in the Huffington Post article Why Miami is a Deathtrap for Cyclists, in February 2012, young Thomas Jennings was struck by a motorist a few days after father Aaron Cohen sadly died at the hands of a hit and run driver.

As a cyclist car-crash survivor myself, I understand the lure and danger of riding in Key Biscayne. As marked in my Huffing Post article, “The beauty of Key Biscayne, that makes it so desirable for cyclists, is also a distraction for motorists. Add to the fact that many people treat Rickenbacker Causeway as a highway with permitted speeds of 50 mph. Collisions between a 4,000-pound car traveling at 40 mph with a man on a 14-pound bicycle going 12 mph is a recipe for catastrophe.”

The most frequent location of car, cycling and pedestrian accidents are on the Rickenbacker causeway, the only bridge connecting Key Biscayne with mainland Miami. It is important to stay alert when traversing the bridge and to contact Aronfeld Law Firm for free legal consulting if you have experienced an accident on the causeway or anywhere else on the island. Mount Sinai Biscayne is the principle medical care provider for Key Biscayne residents and visitors. They are located on 200 Crandon Boulevard.

Many visitors to the island come from the cruise ships from the Port of Miami. If you feel as if a cruise ship line has wronged you, then please contact us. As of now, every client we have represented has successfully received compensation for his or her cruise ship injury.

In addition, we are currently accepting clients who have experienced a hip replacement with a Stryker Hip Replacement product from the Key Biscayne community. The Stryker products Rejuvenate and ABG II modular neck-hip stems has been recalled and Aronfeld Law Firm is representing clients who have recently undergone a hip replacement surgery with these products. The Stryker Orthopaedic corporation should be held responsible for their greed, so please do not hesitate to call or email us at 866-597-4529 and [email protected]

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