Inadequate Security Claims: Protecting Victims from Negligent Premises Safety

Business owners must provide their customers with safe premises, not just so people do not slip or trip and fall, but they must ensure safety from attacks by criminals. For example, when an apartment building may be legally responsible if it fails to protect its tenants or their guests by installing insufficient lighting or by not fixing broken doors or gates and somebody gets attacked or killed.

Parking lots are notoriously dangerous places, and dummy cameras and improperly- maintained landscaping make the situations even worse. University dorms are potentially dangerous places that require specific security for the residents and visitors.

Recently, at the University of Miami’s Mahoney Residential College Dormitory located in Coral Gables, a 21 year-old-man was arrested after being accused of inappropriately touching several students. The man, Jiahao Yuan is a UM student from China. He was charged by the Coral Gables police with two counts of burglary of an occupied dwelling with assault or battery and held without bond. Apparently, the event happened around 6:00 AM, when he entered two unlocked dorm rooms. The fact that the rooms were not equipped with automatic locking doors poses a security risk many students face. Campus police utilized security cameras to locate the man nearly six hours later. He apparently fully confessed.

Some colleges and universities are like cities within a city, requiring additional security to prevent danger from both on- and off-campus intruders. Many, including the University of Miami, rely on poorly-trained and inadequately-staffed students to serve as security. Anyone with a fake identification badge can bypass the front desk at most dormitories. Accordingly, students have to be extra vigilant to avoid being the victim of an intruder like Mr. Yuan. Our Florida campus injury lawyers recommend that all students lock their dorm rooms at night and never walk across campus alone without having an appropriate escort.

We have represented women, men, college students, university students, hotel guests, customers, cruise passengers and children who have been attacked due to improper or not-existing security measures.

Our South Florida inadequate security lawyers have successfully recovered damages for our victimized clients against owners and operators of businesses including shopping centers, banks, bars, hotels, restaurants, schools and universities, airlines, parking lots, condominium and apartment buildings, home owners’ associations, event promoters, night clubs, strip clubs, video arcades, bowling alleys, private security companies, daycare facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, office buildings and cruise lines.

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