Speaking at the University of Miami School of Law

On October 20, 2009 I had the privilege of speaking at the University Of Miami School Of Law. It is a special honor for me as a lawyer to be invited to my alma mater to share my experiences in the practice of law. I do this each year to encourage law students to open their own practices upon graduation rather than be forced to take a job that the do not want. I view the practice of law as a very sacred responsibility. It saddens me when young lawyers faced with huge economic obligations end up working for insurance companies, banks or big corporations just to pay their bills.
My speech give people an option on how to start their own firm and represent people and ultimately, hopefully become the lawyer they dreamt of being when they first decided to go to law school.
If you are interested in seeing this presentation, it was videotaped by the University Of Miami School Of Law. Contact me and I can send you the link.