Spencer Aronfeld is a passionate and dedicated lawyer best known for his advocacy in personal injury law, especially pertaining to cruise ship injuries. Having graduated from the University of Miami School of Law, Aronfeld founded Aronfeld Trial Lawyers, a law firm that has since built a reputation for aggressively defending the rights of those injured on cruise ships, among other personal injury cases. Beyond his legal practice, Spencer Aronfeld is a celebrated author, speaker, and community activist. He has been recognized for his commitment to legal education and for sharing insights about the nuances of maritime law. His dedication to his clients and the broader community is evident in his day-to-day work and the numerous accolades he has received throughout his distinguished career. Whether in the courtroom or in the community, Aronfeld’s unwavering dedication to justice makes him stand out in the legal profession. You can find him giving useful information as a TikTok influencer using the handle @cruiseshiplawyer 

Spencer was just mentioned in an article by the Orange County Register , Travel: When booking a cruise, here’s how to choose less scary destinations.

“Cruise lines have an obligation to keep passengers safe, and yet they still make calls in countries and port neighborhoods deemed dangerous to visit by the State Department,” said the Miami-based Aronfeld. “Every season, tens of thousands of passengers are dropped off in ports in Level 3 countries without warning. What the cruise lines are doing in the process is lulling people with a false sense of security.” – Spencer Aronfeld