When it comes to planning a cruise vacation, many travelers will try to plan for the unexpected, but what if that unexpected event is something that cancels or drastically changes the original itinerary? It is for this reason that we always recommend purchasing travel insurance when going on a cruise.

Most cruise companies only allow trip cancellations within a certain period of time prior to the cruise. A Royal Caribbean cruise for four nights requires that the passenger cancel the trip at least 75 days or more before the trip, while a trip for five nights or longer requires a 90-day notice.  Most cancellations made by the traveler happen at the last minute, which means that he or she will get no refund for cancelling the trip without travel insurance. It is important to read the fine print on your cruise ship reservation. Many companies only allow refunds for a specific list of reasons.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can cover items, including trip cancellation for predetermined reasons. Travel insurance covers cancellation of a trip due to illness or injury, a traveling partner or family members unexpected death, pregnancy, birth of a child, traffic accident, jury duty, losing one’s job, divorce from your traveling companion, and quarantine.

Travel insurance will also help cover an interruption in the trip, much like a trip cancellation. The insurance will pay for the interruption for any of the reasons listed for cancelling the trip, but also when travel has been delayed for an unexpected reason. The travel insurance will reimburse you not only for the remainder of what was paid for the interrupted trip but also for flights and hotel to return home.

If you are injured while on a cruise or at one of the foreign cruise ports on your trip, travel insurance will help pay for costs you need to get the emergency medical care you need. Many times, a passenger’s insurance policy may not pay for emergency care in a foreign country, but travel insurance will fill in the gaps where insurance does not cover medical expenses. This emergency medical coverage will pay for expenses related to injuries or serious illnesses. In the event of an emergency evacuation, travel insurance will also help pay for certain expenses, such as medevac transportation from a remote location to a larger city for medical care.

Travel insurance will also cover recouping your losses for lost or stolen luggage. Normally, travel insurance will not compensate the person having to cancel the trip for any reason, but addendums can be added to allow for this type of flexibility. Many policies have an addendum known as the “Cancel for Any Reason” addendum, which allows the person to receive reimbursement for any cancellation. However, it is still rare that the person gets 100 percent of the fare back. The usual rate of return is somewhere between 50 and 75 percent.

The larger cruise companies offer policy coverage through the cruise line. These plans are often popular because they are convenient to purchase alongside the trip fare. However, while these plans may be convenient, they do not always offer as many coverage options as private plans and will offer lower coverage rates than traditional travel insurance.


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