Back Up Accident Kills Florida Child

The Miami Herald reports that a 51 year old Florida women named Pamela Bodenheimer accidentally drove her SUV over a 22 month old boy named Brady Hutto. Ms. Bodenheimer told the investigators that she did not see the boy. So far, no formal charges have been filed. According to the Titusville Police, it appears that the incident was a tragic accident with no indication that alcohol was involved.

Just last week, I blogged about deadly blind spot back over accidents in Florida and how to avoid them.

The tragic death of this child is a reminder of the need to have laws mandating back-up sensors and cameras on every vehicle, especially SUVs and minivans. Ms. Bodenheimer was driving a sport utility vehicle when she ran over the boy. Sadly, every year thousands of children and adults are injured or killed as a result of vehicles backing up over them. Often these back up accidents involve children under the age of 5 and elderly persons over 60 years of age.

Our Miami pedestrian car accident lawyers hope that no other child will ever be harmed by a back up accident. Since all vehicles have blind spots, we recommend the following safety tips to keep your children safe:

1. Properly supervise children at all times, especially if motor vehicles are present.

2. Teach children not to play in, under, or around cars or trucks.

3. Always assume children are present and carefully and slowly back out.

4. Do not make your driveway a “playground.”

5. Do not let children play with your car. Vehicles are not toys.

6. Have backup sensors and a camera installed.