Children’s Injuries

Our Miami child injury attorneys are dedicated to keeping our children safe by holding schools, manufacturers, and operators of amusement activities responsible for the injuries that their negligence causes.

The Florida’s Supreme Court has ruled that certain pre-injury releases that parents on behalf of their minor children can be set aside. However, the law applies only to commercial activities such go kart injuries, summer camps, amusement rides, and safaris. Community-sponsored or school-sponsored activities still can escape liability if a parent signs a pre-injury release.


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Our Florida injury lawyers are committed to children’s safety. Sadly every year Florida children die as the result of both careless and intentional acts. Our Florida children’s injury advocates recommend discussing the following with your kids periodically. We believe with knowledge and understanding kids can live safer lives:

• Before going anywhere,  ask your child to ask for permission by sharing where they are going, who they are going with, how they are getting there, who is going with them and how they will be getting back.

•  Ask your children to always get permission from you before getting into a car or leaving with anyone, including people they know.

• Ask them to use the “buddy” system whenever possible.

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Our Florida personal injury law firm has successfully represented injured children who have been neglected and injured because of the negligent operation of a commercial activity. We recommend that before you sign any document releasing or potentially releasing someone from responsibility for an injury to your child that you consult with an experienced Florida child safety attorney.

Our firm has nearly 25 years of experience in representing families of children injured and killed across the State of Florida due to the carelessness of others. If your child has been involved in an accident in Florida, call Aronfeld Trial Lawyers for a free initial consultation regarding their legal rights as an accident victim.


Super Market Injuries

Our Florida super market injury lawyers have represented a number of customers that have been hurt as a result of slipping, tripping or falling merchandise at a number of South Florida supermarkets.

Hotel & Motel Injuries

In Florida, every hotel and motel must use reasonable care and keep their property safe, clean and well maintained.

Slip and Fall at a Restaurant

The combination of spilled food and drinks and dim lighting is a recipe for disaster. Our attorneys have represented hundreds of victims injured at restaurants and bars.

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