Defective Drywall Crisis Center

Think you have defective drywall?

Across Florida owners are suing contractors and tenants are suing landlords for problems associated with defective Chinese Drywall.

The first concerns about problems associated with Chinese Drywall surfaced in Florida about five years ago on the West Coast. People who had purchased new homes and thought they were smelling the “new home smell” were actually inhaling toxic fumes associated with defective drywall manufactured in China.

The contaminated drywall contained outrageous amounts of sulphur are proving to be not just a risk to property but to the health of those who are living in it.

The problem stemmed from the fact that the Consumer Product Safety Commission was not inspecting drywall shipments since it was not considered a “consumer product”.

Now people are suffering symptoms such as repository ailments, nausea, sleeping disorders and allergies. Property containing metal, particularly copper and galvanized pipes corrode when exposed to the drywall too. This is causing homeowners to rip down and rebuild new homes, virtually from scratch.

Tenants are caught in a Catch 22. As they are often unable to afford to move and fear breaking existing leases will expose them to protracted litigation.

Our firm has set up an emergency crisis center to help victims of defective drywall and have instituted claims across the state on behalf of tenants and homeowners. The center is being headed by our attorneys. Call toll free at: 866.597.4529 for a free and confidential consultation.

If you think you have been exposed to defective drywall contact us or the Florida Department of Health at and click on the imported drywall link at the bottom of the page or the Consumer Safety Product Commission at and click on information on imported drywall at the bottom of the page.