Nothing saddens me more as a Miami car crash lawyer, than cases involving injured children in improperly installed child safety seats. I am not talking about parents that recklessly drive around with their children without kids seats, but those who take the time and effort to actually purchase and install child safety seats, and do it wrong.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 3 out of 4 seats are not used correctly. Fortunately, you can take your child safety seat to a Certified Technician who will install the seat for you. Se Habla Espanol too. LOCATE AN INSPECTOR near you.

Here are four easy steps to protect children:

1. Infant: safety seat must be rear facing.

2. Toddler: safety seat must face forward.

3. 4-8 years old: booster seat should be used.

4. 8 years old and up: always, always wear a seat-belt.