Our personal injury attorneys fight for the compensation you deserve.

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 We Have Delivered Over $1M In Recent Client Victories

Our personal injury attorneys fight for the compensation you deserve.

Call Us Toll Free:  (866) 597-4529

Practice Areas


Cruise Ship Accidents

Aronfeld Trial Lawyers has successfully represented passengers from around the world who have been injured on a cruise ship for over twenty years. As of today, every client we have represented has received compensation for their cruise ship injury.


Car Accidents

We focus on helping those who have been catastrophically injured in motor vehicle (cars, motorcycles, scooters, trucks and buses) crashes throughout the State of Florida.


Slip and Fall

We help those injured when a business chooses profits over people by failing to maintain its property in a reasonably safe condition or warn of a dangerous condition that results in serious injury or death.


Children's Injuries

Our Miami child injury attorneys are dedicated to keeping our children safe by holding schools, manufacturers, and operators of amusement activities responsible for the injuries that their negligence causes.

Spencer Aronfeld founded Aronfeld Trial Lawyers in Miami, Florida in 1991. Since then, our lawyers continue to represent the seriously injured in Florida and across the country in complex cases involving car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, cruise ship accidents, botched plastic surgery, wrongful death, birth injury trauma, defective and dangerous products, and defective prescription drugs. Spencer Aronfeld is Board Certified by both the Florida Bar and National Board of Trial Advocacy as a Specialist in Civil Trials. Our staff includes paralegals, investigators, and registered nurses who assist in understanding and unraveling some of the complex medical issues involving victims of the most serious accidents and medical mistakes across the country.

Our Florida personal injury law firm welcomes other lawyers or law firms nationwide to refer and or co-counsel cases with us. We simply want to provide the most effective client advocacy. We are committed to provide personal service, focused legal representation and solution-oriented legal counsel to those injured in accidents, suffering from misdiagnosed critical illness, prolonged hospitalization and disabilities.



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Martindale Hubbell


“I found Spencer through the internet and also through his videos and was impressed by the fact that he is authentic in person. He truly cares and is willing to help the underdog. I am not a million dollar client, but he made sure to treat me like one. Ultimately I received the outcome I wanted thanks to Spencer.”


“Mr. Aronfeld has defended me twice. Both times, the cases were handled superbly, with extreme care, professionalism and honesty. He is diligent and fair. I highly recommend him.”


“I live in Texas and was referred to Spencer Aronfeld Law Firm regarding a claim against a cruise line. I had concerns since I was in Texas and the firm was in Florida. However, I could not have been more pleased with the attention my case received from Mr.Aronfeld and his firm. The attorney assigned to my case kept me updated and I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Aronfeld who was very personable and concerned with my case.”


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