Nude Cruise, It's A Thing

Suns Out, Buns Out

Carnival recently announced that their “Pride” ship will set sail out of Tampa in February for a fully nude cruise. While there exists nude-specific cruise lines such as Bare Necessities, which has sold out clothesless vacations set throughout the calendar year, seeing cruise lines as large as Carnival and recently Norwegian Cruise Line go forward with this indicates a fascinating trend in the vacation industry, and also raises some interesting questions. 

The Naked Truth

While a clothing optional cruise might sound appealing to some, according to Express UK the crew on board nudist ships, however, have mixed feelings. Given that nudity is prohibited across the Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line fleet, the crew used on their singular nude ships are employed from the same pool of workers who are assigned with any of the other ships. This means that many crew members who work on and are assigned to the nude ships are unable to choose whether they want to or not. 

Nudity on the Carnival Pride and the Norwegian Pearl is essentially allowed across the entire cruise vacation, except while in port or during the Captains Party. Passengers are expected to bring towels around with them so as to avoid bare contact with public chairs and other similar community objects. The Carnival Cruise operator also established a list of rules that must not be broken during the nude cruise:

  • Fondling or inappropriate touching of personal body parts or those of someone else, overt sexual activity or any solicitation for sexual acts is strictly prohibited.
  • Lingerie, fetish-wear, and excessive genital jewelry are not appropriate at any time.
  • Dangerous or rude behavior will not be tolerated at any time

Accidents On A Naked Cruise

Nude cruises, like any other form of travel or social gathering, should prioritize the safety and security of their passengers. Cruise operators typically implement strict guidelines and policies to ensure a safe environment for everyone on board. They may have security measures, personnel training, and protocols to address any incidents that may occur. However, as with any social setting where people are gathered together and consuming alcohol, the risk of inappropriate behavior or incidents can increase. It’s crucial for cruise operators to take proactive steps to prevent sexual assault and address any incidents that may arise effectively. 

If you are considering participating in a nude cruise or any other type of event, it’s essential to research the cruise line or event organizer thoroughly. Look for reviews and testimonials from past participants, inquire about their safety measures and policies, and consider traveling with a group of friends or acquaintances to increase your sense of security

Ultimately, whether you are sunbathing nude on Carnival’s Pride this summer, or taking your kids on a fantastical voyage on a Disney Cruise in the wintertime, you are promised protection and safety by the cruise line at all times during the vacation. This duty, however, is frequently breached when cruise lines put profits ahead of passenger safety. Our law firm has been holding cruise lines accountable when passengers fall victim to their negligence and inadequate procedure. Contact our offices today if you or somebody you know has experienced injustice or injury on a cruise ship vacation.