Royal Caribbean has cancelled a planned stop this week to San Juan, Puerto Rico due to a series of protests occurring in the area against Puerto Rico’s governor.

These protests began last weekend after the Center for Investigative Journalism released 900 pages from the Puerto Rican governor’s private group chat. In the chats, the governor disparaged various journalists, made threats to turn political opponents over to authorities, and made a series of homophobic, profane and sexist statements.

The timing of this release of information came the same week as two former officials from the governor’s administration were arrested by the FBI as part of a federal corruption investigation. Puerto Ricans took to the streets, protesting the administration and calling for his immediate resignation.

In response to this political activity and out of concern for the safety of their passengers, Royal Caribbean canceled a planned stop this week for the Empress of the Seas. The ship was expected to dock in San Juan Tuesday but has been instead rerouted to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Any guests who prepaid for shore excursions in San Juan will be refunded their money. Since Tortola was already a planned stop on the ship’s itinerary, this change only means the stop will be made one day earlier than previously planned.

The Empress left Miami on Saturday, setting sail for an eight-day cruise through the Caribbean. San Juan was just one of many stops listed on the ship’s itinerary.

Many have questioned whether any future stops in San Juan will be cancelled. At this time, Royal Caribbean has only canceled this one planned stop and does not have any definite plans to cancel future stops.


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