One month after a collision between a cruise vessel and a smaller boat in Venice, another cruise ship has just narrowly missed striking a yacht while it was being towed out of Venice. This near miss has sparked further debate amongst the locals who argue that this demonstrates why large vessels should not be allowed in the Venetian docks.

The ship involved was the 12-deck Costa Deliziosa. The vessel is 1,000 feet in length and can carry over 3,800 passengers and crew. At the time of the accident, the ship was being towed in what were reported as stormy conditions.

A Venetian writer and artist, Roberto Ferrucci, took a video of what occurred and posted it on his website. The video has been shared by individuals who are advocating for the Venetian waters to be shut down to cruise vessels. In the video, crew members on-board the yacht were seen rushing out of the ship just as the larger vessel brushed by them, which means the cruise vessel must have been close enough to the yacht to give reason for them to believe that a collision was imminent. Fortunately, the lead tugboat was able to safely pull the cruise ship away from the yacht and guide it out of the lagoon with no further incident.

Another boat was not so lucky in the same vicinity just one month ago. The MSC Opera collided with a dock and a smaller tourist boat, resulting in several injuries, on June 2.

Those in opposition argue that these larger boats are causing irreparable damage to the city and its ecosystem. They say that the waves created by large cruise ships are eroding foundations of the buildings lining the canals, leading to flooding and damage to tourist attractions, such as Saint Mark’s Square.

The Venetian government made an announcement two years ago that larger ships would be diverted in another direction, away from the city’s historic center. However, they have not followed through on this promise, leading many to ask what more needs to occur before something is done.


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