Some jobs in America are far more dangerous than others. So before you complain about your current employment, you might want to consider a recent study by USA Today, that found that the most dangerous job in America isn’t law enforcement, trapeze artist, or being a Miami personal injury lawyer; but rather logging. Last year alone, there were nearly 1,000 serious injuries, 91 of them fatal – primarily caused by falling objects. Some of the reasons that logging is dangerous are that it is generally performed in remote locations – far from trauma care centers – using chainsaws and heavy equipment. And while logging is about 38 times more dangerous than the average job in America, its pay is not commensurate with the risk. The average logger makes just under $38,000 a year.

The second most dangerous job in America is commercial fishing. And much like logging, it is performed in remote locations far from trauma care and often in extreme weather conditions. A commercial fisherman makes far less money than loggers – about $27,000 a year. And last year suffered 24 fatalities which are about 50% less than loggers.

Certainly, some professions have suffered more fatalities than others but are ranked safer because more people do that kind of work. The fatality statistics are based upon the average number of deaths per 100,000 workers. Which explains why logging is more dangerous than delivery drivers since there are fewer loggers in America than drivers.

The other most dangerous jobs are:

23: Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers. With 75 reported fatalities the average salary is $106,000 a year.
22: Roofers: 101 fatalities with an average salary of $37,000.
21: Garbage and Recycling Collectors: 35 fatalities making an average of $35,000 a year.
20: Iron and Steel Workers: 16 fatalities with an average of $52,000 a year.
19: Delivery Truck Drivers: 918 fatalities making an average of $37,000 a year.
18: Farmers and Ranchers: 260 fatalities average salary $66,000 a year.
17: Excavation: 134 fatalities average salary $63,000 a year.
16. Agricultural Workers: 156 fatalities average salary $23,000.
15. Ground Maintenance Workers: 217 fatalities with an average yearly salary of $27,000.
14. Mechanics and Installers: 44 fatalities, average salary $64,000 a year.
13. Construction Laborer: 254 fatalities, $33,000 average salary.
12. Police and Sheriff Officers: 108 fatalities, $60,000 average salary.
11. Electrical Power Installers: 15 work-related deaths average salary $68,000.
10. Maintenance and Repair Workers: 75 fatalities, $37,000 average annual salary.
9. Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs: 60 fatalities, average salary $24,000.
8. Lawn Service: 30 fatalities with $45,000 average salary.
7. Telecommunications installers: 21 fatalities, $53,000 average salary.
6. Athletes, Coaches, and Umpires: 29 fatalities, $31,000 average salary.
5. Operating Engineers: 39 fatalities, $46,000 annual salary.
4. Electricians: 79 fatalities,, $53,000 annual salary.
3. Industrial Machinery Installation and Repair: 45 fatalities with an annual salary of $49,000.
2. Painters and Maintenance Workers: 50 fatalities making $38,000 a year.
1.Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Installers and Repair Workers: 37 fatalities making $46,000 a year.


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