White Cruise
When it comes to the color of a cruise ship, the choice of white is not a coincidence. Most people do not even notice the color of the ship before they board, but in fact, a science exists behind why cruise ships are the color white.

The color choice has to do with the temperature of the ship. This reason is also one of the factors behind why most commercial passenger airplanes are white, as well. The color white reflects sunlight as it hits the surface, while darker colors tend to absorb the light and thus heat up quickly.

Since the white color reflects the light, the ship does not heat up as quickly. This protection is not just for the exterior of the ship. Having a white surface will keep the interior of the cruise ship at a much cooler temperature, which is important, especially for the ships that sail in warmer, tropical climates.

The color white is also said to be more aesthetically pleasing and pristine, making the vessel appear cleaner and more attractive to passengers boarding the ship.

White Cruise Ship

In recent years, many cruise liners have been playing around with different color schemes, including Royal Caribbean International and Virgin Voyages, who are experimenting with blue and gray colors on the ship’s exterior.


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