As a Florida pain medication abuse lawyer, suing doctors who prescribe prescription narcotics has become increasingly common. Three years after the death of Anna Nicole Smith, the trial against her boyfriend/lawyer and two doctors is underway in California. The charges are NOT that they killed her, but recklessly provided prescription medications.

Patients and their families, should be aware of the consequences of taking prescription drugs not prescribed for them or taking them for reasons or dosages other than as prescribed. Oxycontin is a commonly abused pain medication that has caused many to be dependent and addicted.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, over 15 million Americans 12 years and older have taken some prescription pain reliever for a non-medical propose within the last year.

Doctors who turn a blind eye to the misuse of prescription pain medications should be following the Anna Nicole Smith trial with great interest; as now they may face more than just civil liability. Florida’s Controlled Substance Statute §893 makes it felony to inappropriately sell, manufacture, deliver, or possess a controlled substance. I am glad to see that finally doctors may face the same consequences as anyone else.

In the meantime, if you suspect that a loved one is wrongfully addicted to prescription medication click here to find a substance abuse treatment facility near you.