Police in Aruba are investigating the death of a woman who was reportedly choked and thrown off the top deck of Royal Princess Caribbean cruise ship. The 52-year-old succumbed to the fall, crashing onto a life boat below.

The man accompanying her on the cruise was escorted from the ship by police. He was reportedly seen choking the victim before she was thrown from the 16th deck of the ship. Horrified passengers described the scene as “gruesome” with “glass everywhere” when the woman hit the lifeboat below.

The couple were onboard the Royal Princess Caribbean cruise ship , which had left from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on November 9, headed for Aruba. It remains unclear whether the woman died from injuries sustained in the fall or from being choked. The name of the victim and the man taken off the boat have not been released. No arrests have been made yet.

Reporting Crimes at Sea

Cruise liners have been independently reporting crime statistics for any serious crimes that have occurred on their ships previously. However, in 2014, an amendment was made to the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act that made it mandatory that certain crimes be reported to the FBI. These involve a series of eight serious crimes that all passenger vessels must report if these vessels are either embarking from or disembarking in a U.S. port. The most serious crimes include missing passengers, homicides and other suspicious deaths. With respect to crimes involving theft, the FBI only reports incidents where more than $10,000 was stolen. Cruise companies, following the 2014 amendment, have made efforts to be more transparent when a crime occurs on the ship and many have made efforts to keep passengers more informed and to encourage them to make reports when a crime is suspected.

Out of crimes committed in 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, of the 13 million passengers who were on board the ships departing U.S. ports, only 100 serious crimes were reported to the FBI. There were 11 incidents of homicides, suspicious deaths or missing passengers. Of the categories of crimes reported, sexual assault and/or assault were the most commonly-reported crime onboard. Fourteen incidents were reported involving physical assaults, and 72 reports of sexual assaults were made in a 15-month period.


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