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Youth Host on Disney Cruise Faces Allegations of Child Passenger Sexual Abuse

A “youth host” employed by Disney Cruise Line is facing allegations that he fondled a child passenger aboard a Disney cruise ship. He is expected to go to trial this month, while authorities are reaching out to the public to determine whether there are more victims. The man in question is Oliver Lovatt, a 25-year-old [Read More]

Florida Sexual Assault Case Filed by Woman in Tampa Mental Health Facility

In Florida, a patient who is sexually assaulted by a doctor or hospital employee is not required to sue the healthcare provider under traditional theories of medical malpractice, unlike a patient otherwise injured by a careless doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider. A female patient, “Jane Doe,” recently sued St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida, [Read More]

Why Is Florida The Nation’s Rape Capital?

The legal definition of "rape" in the United States has not changed for nearly 100 years. Since 1920, only forcible vaginal penetration by a man has been classified as rape. This excluded situations where victims were drugged or intoxicated or the alleged anal raping of boys by former Penn State University football coach, Jerry Sandusky. [Read More]