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Important Safety Tips for Uber and Lyft Passengers

Ride sharing services are becoming a popular mode of transportation in South Florida, with Uber and Lyft leading the pack. However, with the rise of this form of transportation comes an increase of crimes reported involving its users. There were more than 3,000 sexual assaults reported last year in Uber

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Woman Raped in Florida Adult Book Store Gets Second Chance

The case of a 27 year old Miami woman who was raped at the Pleasure Emporium in Miami Gardens, while working the midnight shift, is one of the more terrifying my recent memory as a Miami crime victim attorney.The store utilized cameras, both inside and outside, extensive lighting, a locked

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Why Is Florida The Nation’s Rape Capital?

The legal definition of “rape” in the United States has not changed for nearly 100 years. Since 1920, only forcible vaginal penetration by a man has been classified as rape. This excluded situations where victims were drugged or intoxicated or the alleged anal raping of boys by former Penn State

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