It is estimated that the average American shopper goes to the grocery store at least six times every month, adding up to more than 332 trips to the supermarket every year. Supermarkets and grocery stores are required to keep their stores safe for customers. Whether you frequent one of the major chain supermarkets, like Publix, Walmart or Winn Dixie or a mom-and-pop store in your neighborhood, you have the right to seek compensation if the establishment was responsible for your injuries.  

As Supermarket Accident Attorneys, the most common causes of injuries in supermarkets and grocery stores are:

  • Slip and falls, especially in the produce section of the store;
  • Slip and falls due to leaks and spills;
  • Improperly positioned, or missing floor mats;
  • Defective entrance and exit doors;
  • Items falling from store shelves;
  • Aisle obstructions (i.e. – boxes of food, re-stocking carts placed in the aisles, etc.);
  • Cracked and uneven pavement outside;
  • Contaminated or spoiled food;
  • Damaged or defective grocery carts.

The most common types of injuries to shoppers include:

  • Fractures to the legs, hips, arms and wrists;
  • Cracked pelvis;
  • Cuts, bruises and head wounds;
  • Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s);
  • Spinal cord and back injuries.

Many of the injuries we see are a result of slip and fall accidents in the store.  Senior shoppers are particularly susceptible to these injuries.  A hip fracture caused by a fall on a slippery substance can lead to permanent disability. Falls present a real risk when it comes to individuals of all ages, but for those over the age of 65, falls can be deadly.

You may not feel you need an attorney after a slip and fall has occurred. However, it is important to at least sit down and speak with an attorney regarding the incident and any causes of injuries in supermarkets you experienced. Our office has over 30 years of combined legal experience holding grocery stores accountable when their customers are injured through no fault of their own.

As experienced Miami Slip And Fall Accident Lawyers, we understand Florida’s slip and fall laws and how to hold businesses accountable for our client’s injuries, lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering. If you have suffered a slip and fall at a grocery store, restaurant or retail store in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, The Keys or anywhere in the State of Florida it is important for you to consult with an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer who will fight to protect your legal rights. When selecting a lawyer- ask them about their qualifications and experience in claims against grocery stores. Spencer Aronfeld is a Board Certified Trial Lawyer and our firm, Aronfeld Trial Lawyers has successfully represented people and their families in slip and fall claims across the country since 1991. Call us today at 1-866-597-4529 or email and speak with an experienced slip and fall lawyer about your potential claim. We offer a free initial consultation at your home, office, hotel or hospital. Call us today, we are ready to help.