Despite the fact that the coronavirus outbreak seems to be spreading throughout the country, passengers are still willing to take the risk and go on their cruise vacations as planned. In fact, many of them have reported that nothing, including a highly contagious virus, will keep them from going on their dream cruise.

This was the case as passengers boarded the Carnival Sensation on Monday morning. Before getting on the ship, passengers needed to fill out a form declaring any recent travel to a coronavirus-infected country before boarding, before setting sail for a five-day cruise.

Some passengers reported believing that the media coverage of the virus had blown things out of proportion and expressed no concern in getting the virus while at sea. Others put their trust in God, as well as in the hands of a trusty bottle of disinfectant and hand sanitizer.

The federal government has strongly pointed to cruise ships as public areas that have a much higher risk of COVID-19 infection, but for the most part, cruises are still running a business as usual. In fact, many cruise companies have not informed their crew members or staff that the government is recommending people rethink taking their cruise vacations. Even more concerning, passengers who have heard this recommendation are still going.

As of Monday afternoon, the Florida Department of Health has advised all passengers returning from a cruise to follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines:

  • Monitor your health.
  • Limit interactions with others for at least 14 days after returning to the country.
  • If the passenger begins to experience any symptoms to immediate self-quarantine themselves and contact their local health department.

Of the three suspected COVID-19 cases reported in Broward County, two of them are connected to Port Everglades. The Princess Cruise Regal Princess has been docked at that port after it was reported that a crew member was potentially infected. Two of the suspected infected workers were not actually infected, even though they had been recently transferred from the Grand Princess, another Princess Cruise vessel that was quarantined off the California coast. It was reported that 21 people, including 19 crew members, were infected by the virus on the Grand Princess.

Port Everglades has been ordered by health officials to increase their deep cleaning. However, county officials have expressed concern that the port is running out of cleaning supplies.

Before boarding, passengers walk through a machine that checks their body temperatures to ensure that no one boarding the ship has a fever. If anyone is noticeably ill or coughing, they will be turned away and offered a refund for their trip or asked to reschedule. Passengers who are feeling sick or experiencing symptoms, however, are asked to not take their chances and stay at home regardless of whether they believe they have COVID-19.


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