Virgin’s New Venture: A Cruise Line Set To Be Different Than The Rest

It is about time someone other than Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian, or Royal Caribbean launched a new cruise ship. According to the NY Times, Richard Branson, the impresario of Virgin’s Airlines and private space shuttles, has announced that Virgin Cruises will be his next big venture. Virgin Cruise Lines will be headed by Disney Cruise Lines’ former president, Tom McAlpin.

According to Branson, Virgin’s ships will be different than the modern mega ships, like RCCL’s new Quantum of the Seas, which are basically a combination of a floating theme park and a Vegas-style resort.

Branson is looking to offer something different–providing an actual connection to the sun and the sea. Virgin didn’t release many details about their two new ships–which are reportedly going to cost a billion dollars to build. But according to Evan Lovell, a Virgin executive, the ships are designed to give passengers a more nautical experience and provide sophisticated indoor amenities designed to look and feel like those of a luxury apartment in Soho.

Wishing The Best To The Future Passengers of Virgin Cruise Line

As a cruise ship passenger injury lawyer, I applaud Mr. Branson’s initiative. I wonder if he is going to avail himself of some of the legal shields that Carnival, Celebrity, RCCL, and other cruise lines have been sheltered by for decades, or if he will put passenger safety ahead of profits. He could start by making his ships safer and focusing on the passenger’s convenience.

For instance, most passengers don’t realize that most cruise ship accident claims have to be filed in Federal Court in Miami–regardless of where in the world the accident happened. This often creates an enormous financial burden for the passenger, who is forced to travel to Miami. I hope that Mr. Branson will consider making the passenger injury claim process more consumer-friendly.

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