Ways Seniors Can Avoid Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents 

According to a recent statistic from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately a quarter of all seniors over the age of 65 suffer a serious fall every year. These falls can happen anywhere, whether it is at home, a grocery store, hotel or at a shopping mall.

On an annual basis, slip and fall accidents account for 2.8 million injuries and 27,000 fatalities for the nation’s elderly. The injuries can include trauma to the head, as well as bone fractures and lacerations.  Here are some tips to help seniors avoid slip, trip and fall accidents.

  1. Clear the Floor

One of the biggest causes of slips, trips and falls is clutter on the floor. It can be beneficial to regularly check the floor for any hazards that could cause someone to trip and fall. These hazards can include liquids on the floor; merchandise left in walking paths or even bunched up rugs or mats. Anything that a normal person would not expect in his or her walking path needs to be cleared and routinely checked. 

  1. Clean Up Messes or Spills

Accidents can happen, especially in the retail industry. As soon as an accidental spill or mess is made, the store has a duty to immediately clean up spills as soon as they happen. Messes or spills should also be cleaned up as soon as they happen in the home. This helps prevent a slip and fall accident from occurring in the home.

  1. Routinely Exercise

Muscle weakness is a big contributor as to why seniors suffer slip and falls and another reason why their recovery can be prolonged.  One way seniors can prevent serious injuries after falling is by regularly doing strength-building exercises. Aerobic exercise, swimming, dancing or walking can be excellent ways to build strength, as well as coordination and balance.

  1. Use of Assistive Devices 

Many times, seniors are hesitant to use a cane or walker, but these devices exist for a reason. If a senior tends to not be steady when walking, a cane or walker is an excellent way to help steady that person. Use of rails or safety bars can also help in walkways, stairways and bathrooms. 

  1. Always Wear the Right Footwear

The right shoes can make a world of a difference. It is important that seniors wear proper footwear in terms of fit and cushioning in the soles. Shoes like high heels, flip flops or slippers should be avoided. Walking in bare feet or only wearing socks also does not provide the proper level of support that seniors need.

  1. Monitor Medications

Certain medications can have adverse side effects that lead to dizziness or drowsiness.  For seniors, this can be a dangerous combination. While these medications can be important for certain health conditions, caution should always be exercised after taking them. If the side effects become problematic, consult with your physician immediately.

  1. Annual Hearing and Vision Checks 

Poor vision and hearing can have an effect on your balance. It is important that seniors regularly have both vision and hearing check-ups to ensure that there are no issues. 

  1. Proper Lighting

Many falls happen when someone cannot properly see in front of himself or herself. Having the proper lighting in frequently used areas in the home, as well as in stores or other public places, can ensure that even those with not the best vision can properly see everything in their way, thus reducing the risk of slip and falls.

  1. Know Your Limits

Everyone needs to know their limits and to know when they are pushing themselves too hard. That mantra holds especially true for senior citizens. It is important that they not try to do too much on their own, and if needed, they should contact friends or family to help them with everyday tasks. Professional services such as nursing assistances or housekeepers can also be helpful in making sure that seniors are not trying to ‘do it all,’ and pushing themselves to the point of making a fatal mistake or suffering a serious injury.

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