Child Lawnmower Injury Accidents are More Common Than You Think

Child lawnmower injury accidents are more common than one would think. It may be hard to believe, but every single day of the year, at least 13 children are seriously injured in lawnmower related accidents- that is nearly 5,000 kids a year seen at emergency rooms across the country; according to a recent study from the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital published by the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.

As a father and as a personal injury lawyer who focuses on children’s injuries from motor vehicle accidents and slips and falls on businesses and on cruise ships, I find this data alarming. Especially since most of the children injured; were not actually operating the lawn mowers, but were simply bystanders or passengers. The most common accident occurs when they are struck by the lawnmower or a projectile.

According to the study, the most common lawn mower injuries are cuts (39%) and burns (15%) to the hands and fingers. Most children hurt by lawn mowers, who are seen in emergency departments are treated and released- nearly 10% require a hospital admission.

The good news is that there are safety measures specifically designed to prevent lawn mower accidents such as shields that protect hands and feets and no-mow-in-reverse devices that will prevent backover injuries when the blade is engaged. Unfortunately, current industry standards do not require all lawnmowers be equipped with all safety measures.

Our children’s injury and accident lawyers in Miami recommend the following safety tips to prevent lawn mower-related accidents:

1. Always provide adult supervision when children are using lawnmowers.

2. No child under 12 years old should operate a push mower without adult supervision.

3. No child under 15 should use or ride the mower without adult supervision.

4. Never allow passengers on ride-on lawn mowers.

5. While mowers are operating children should not be permitted it to play in the area as projectiles such as stones, glass, and other items can be kicked up by the mower causing serious injuries.

6. Only operate mowers when using safety glasses and wearing steel toe safety boots. Never allow kids to mow lawns barefoot.

7. Always turn the mower off and the blades to completely stop moving when not in use, or unclogging.

If you have been injured in a lawn mower accident it is important to immediately seek medical attention and consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. We recommend that the mower not be used again until it can be inspected by a competent product liability lawyer as you may have a claim against the manufacturer and retailer is the device is dangerously defective. Using the mower after an accident might spoil the evidence making your claim difficult to prove.

For example, both Kobalt and Greenworks brands of cordless electric walk-behind lawn mowers made in China, distributed in North Carolina and sold nationwide by Loews- were recalled due to fire hazards related to a defective battery. The lawn mowers have four wheels (two smaller ones in the front and two larger ones in the back), a 40-volt max lithium ion battery and a deck width of 20 inches. Both of these models have a large label on the rear bag door area with a serial number, model number, and date code. The Kobalt brand mowers also have an item number on the label. “Kobalt” or “Greenworks” is printed on the side of the bag. For more information about the recall visit the United States Consumer Product Safety Commision.

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